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I have been in the mental health field for over 15 years. I specialize in treating depression, relationship issues, and stress. I help individuals, families, and couples learn to recognize, cope with, and overcome whatever may be affecting their daily life and functioning. Each client is unique and will have unique needs. My therapy is individualized to help clients feel empowered and to put them on a positive path toward growth and well-being. My goal is to help clients feel better, discover their true potential, and lead their best life.

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My name is Joe and I’ve been a therapist for over six years. I have extensive experience and specialize in working with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, PTSD, and self-esteem. I also work with couples on rekindling their relationships, finding new ways to connect, understanding each other better, and finding ways to share their opinions in a productive manner. I view therapy as a collaborative approach in which I help the client on a journey to bettering themselves. I aim to create a safe and comfortable environment in which the client feels able to speak freely and without being judged. I look forward to working with you and helping you on your journey to a better you.

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I am very compassionate and human in my interactions. I've been working as a counselor for 10 years, five of those years in Puerto Rico. I have had many fulfilling experiences working with a diverse population, from children to adults, individuals as well as with families. I often see clients who are experiencing life transitions, stress, trauma, grief, anxiety and depression. I believe in creating a strong bond and warm connection from day 1. I will always remain nonjudgemental and supportive.

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Hello! My name is Michael and I am a therapist with a passion for helping clients overcome mental health challenges, life stressors, and anything else that is interfering with your ability to find happiness and wellness on a daily basis. I believe that all of us are on a journey to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be, and I also know that we sometimes need support and guidance along the way. An approach that values and finds strength in our unique identities, is a crucial part of the therapeutic process, and is the foundation of my work as a therapist. Stress, depression, anxiety, and the other challenges we face can at times seem overwhelming, but you never have to feel the need to face these challenges alone. Reach out today, and we can begin working together to help you achieve a greater sense of happiness and wellness.


Hello, I'm Leana! I would like to work with you to better understand them and help you learn how best to deal with them. My approach is individualized.

Each treatment modality is designed to fit the needs of the client. I believe every person is unique and with the right therapy and guidance, I hope to help them become their best self. 

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Hello, I am Mike - an individual therapist who is ready to be a part of your journey to self-actualization and fulfillment. I work to help my clients reach their full potential and attain the necessary skills needed to be the best versions of themselves. I understand that change and growth can be a difficult process and I believe the foundation of any therapeutic relationship is one of empathy, compassion, and patience. I am here to support you through your unique and individualized experience.

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Hello! I'm Cynthia Robyn Kelley and I go by my middle name Robyn. I love being a Social Work Therapist! I spent the last 17 years of my career working with Service Member's and their Families. I hope I made a difference in their lives, I know they impacted my life forever! Engaging with a therapist can be a difficult and challenging decision. Finding the right therapist is critical. Every client and every journey is unique. As a therapist I will meet you where you are and together we will determine where your path leads.

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Hello, I'm Justin! I am very relatable, genuine, and am fully committed to my clients. I have great experience working with children and teenagers. I approach every client differently, focusing on you as a whole person, not only the "issues" that you come to your first session with. I am dedicated to working around your available times/dates in order to help fit therapy into your schedule. Please do not hesitate to reach out to at any time or on any day.


Hello, I am passionate about wellness and helping others. My goal is to create a safe space for clients to work out their thoughts, process emotions, and find clarity. I specialize in women's issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, and behavior modification. I am fully committed to seeing progress in my clients. If you are motivated to see changes in yourself and progress in yourself, I believe I am the therapist for you! I work with individuals to discover new ways to heal and reconnect the mind, body, soul. I believe therapy is one of many ways people can practice self-care.

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I have been working in the field of addiction and mental health for over seven years with experience in inpatient, residential, and outpatient settings. I love to identify and build upon the strengths that you bring into treatment, identify solutions for your concerns, and challenge any internal patterns that make achieving those goals difficult. I can help you to see progress and work toward long-lasting change.

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Welcome! My name is Darcy. I am a licensed therapist, wife, mom, and business owner. I work with adults and have experience treating a large scope of issues. My areas of expertise include bipolar disorder, personal growth and development, and depressive disorders. Discover how your strengths and weaknesses impact you and others. Improve your ability to understand your thoughts and decisions. Learn to better communicate with other and express your needs. Understand your predisposition to disorders and how to mitigate it. Learn valuable insight on how to improve all aspects of your life.

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Hello, I'm a warm, efficient therapist that is genuinely passionate about wellness and helping others. My goal is to create a safe space for clients to work out their thoughts, process emotions, and find clarity. I prioritize my client's individual strengths, goals, and needs and believe wholly in client autonomy. I specialize in women's issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, and behavior modification. I incorporate holistic approaches to whole-self wellness and encourage open feedback. Working with me will allow you to create foundational building blocks that offer lasting peace, health, and happiness.



Hello, I have been a licensed therapist for 5 years now and specialize in the areas of anxiety, trauma, irritability, and daily life stressors. My clients often describe me as very relatable, supportive, and genuine. I want to know about you as a whole, not just the "issues" or "problems" you are having. If you are motivated to see changes and work on yourself, I believe I am the therapist for you. Find me on psychology today.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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